Our range of vacuum components contains an extensive, instantly available range of standard flange parts. We also can manufacture special flange parts and vacuum feedthroughs according to your individual application. Due to the high quality products of our long-time distributors we are able to consult and supply you with vacuum valves and vacuum pumps.

  • Standard Flange Parts
    We have a well-assorted stock and can provide you with instantly available standard flange parts.
  • Special Flange Parts
    Our qualified personnel designs and produces special flange parts for your individual application.
  • Feedthroughs
    We have an extensive range of vacuum feedthroughs, even electrical, rotary, slideway or optical feedthroughs.
  • Large Angle Valves
    At JUST VACUUM you can provide angle valves in large diameters from DN 400 ISO-K up to DN 1000 ISO-F, standardized as well as custom-made.
  • Valves
    As a distribution partner of VAT Vakuumventile AG you can source their complete product range at JUST VACUUM.
  • Pumps
    Even different types of high quality vacuum pumps are part of our product range.