Tecport is a market leader in manufacturing of Batch Deposition Systems and assures excellent product quality, continuous technical innovation and a first-class customer service. True to its motto "We Serve To Serve Again!" Tecport established itself on the market.

Symphony Precision by Tecport Optics Inc.

Symphony Precision

Companies across the globe are looking for innovative ways to reduce costs while continuing to provide their customers superior products and services. Finding the precise combination of thin film technology and system integration becomes a key factor that enables manufacturers to reduce cost, to increase production capability, and to create the competitive advantage needed to survive in today’s aggressive marketplace. Symphony realizes the customer’s vision of functionality and features that bring value to production.

Symphony Ophthalmic by Tecport Optics Inc.

Symphony Ophthalmic

Growing demand for better anti-reflective coatings is undeniable. Customers are now much more aware of the benefits of quality AR coatings, and overnight coating service is now the norm in the marketplace. This requires optical laboratories that desire to remain competitive to look for faster, better, cost effective and growth-friendly solutions to meet this demand. Tecport realized this trend and introduced the Symphony series coating chambers to the ophthalmic industry.

Symphony Opus Control Software by Tecport Optics Inc.

Symphony OPUS

Symphony Opus process control software enables you to have the best of both worlds: ease of use, as well as advanced flexible configuration parameters to satisfy the most demanding engineer. It’s easy on the operator while being highly tunable for the engineer. Navigation bars as well as individual screen selectors are standard. With Symphony Opus there’s no more getting lost in a popup quagmire to change a simple system parameter.

Flexlab - Magnetron Sputtering by Tecport Optics Inc.


Tecport relentlessly strives to develop innovative ideas to improve their product and competitiveness through continuous research and development of new processes, new chemicals, and new instruments. Flexlab offers the customer the most versatile sputtering system in the market by virtue of its configurable system design. Its flexible design allows the customer to configure the system to perform upstream or downstream, single and multiple layers, and co-deposition.

Cantata - Ion Beam Sputtering by Tecport Optics Inc.


Cantata IBS is developed for ” energetic” coating process to overcome the shortcoming of the e-gun process which is well below the theoretical limits. The sputtering process increase the kinetic energy of the particle arriving at the substrate thus creating highly densed and low scattered film. The reproducibility and controllability of the process is very good thus be able to reach optimal, the closest to theoretical, film characteristic. Cantata ion beam sputtering system provides the user with a cost efficient modular solution to accomplish high performance optical thin films.

Polaris - Cold Plasma Thin Film Technology by Tecport Optics Inc.


POLARIS greatly enhances the performance and durability of plastics increasing the possible combinations of customized polymer coatings and substrates that can applied for a wide range of uses. Until now, the necessary use of high temperature in the vacuum deposition of coatings used for precision optics has limited the range of possible uses of plastic substrates, which are intolerant to heat. The inherent soft surface of most polymer lenses or films, and their tendency to scratch has further constrained the market applications for plastics. POLARIS allows manufacturers to explore a whole new realm of technical innovation, by providing the enhanced deposition of thin film coatings at temperatures below 100°C. The POLARIS method enhances the bonding properties of thin films producing a very hard surface with tremendous resistance to scratching and damage.


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