Since 1993 the company JUST developed into a competent partner for vacuum engineering. In the beginning only a commercial representation with high-quality components and pumps within the range of vacuum engineering we could improve our product and service offer gradually in the course of time.

In 1998 we transferred to our current premises in Landstuhl with sufficient place for production and administration. Our product catalog covers meanwhile more than 900 articles. The development of in-house manufacturing lead to designing and building of complex chambers and systems.

Since Mai 2009 we exclusively sell the products of General Plasma, Inc., an innovation leader in vacuum thin film technology in Europe. JUST VACUUM completes his product range in vacuum technology with Sputter Magnetrons, Ion sources and revolutionary PECVD technologies

Since 2010 we integrated and steadily enlarge the division control and automation technology. Hence, you receive a complete, fully automated vacuum system with integrated system control out of one hand.

In February 2014 JUST VACUUM signed a cooperation agreement with Tecport Optics, Inc., a world-wide leading manufacturer of Batch Deposition Systems. The motto of the in Orlando, Florida located company is "We Serve To Serve Again!". With these deposition systems we complete our product portfolio in one more steadily growing sector.